Texas Traditions Landscape is extremely proud of the full service residential lawn care that we provide to our customers.  Our mowing teams are uniformed professionals trained in mulch mowing, string trimming, blade edging and debris blowing. Whether you are looking for weekly mowing for your lawn or full service outdoor solutions, we are always available to help!

We provide service in the Frisco/Little Elm and surrounding areas right now and will be coming to your town very soon. If you are interested in a quote for service, please call us at 214-842-9955.  You will soon be able to go to the Get A Quote page and enter your address to get a quote.

We understand that the last thing that you want to worry about is your lawn.  That’s why we are happy to take care of it for you.


We will remove all weeds and debris from your flower beds.  When finished we will clean-up and remove all trimmings.

We will professionally trim your bushes and hedges for a nice manicured look to your yard.  When finished, we will clean-up and remove all trimmings.

Weed control is an ongoing need in the North Texas area.  A year-round plan is best to prevent/minimize weed growth and keep your yard beautiful.  We recommend 8 treatments per year which include pre-emergents, post-emergents and slow release fertilizers with spot treatments as needed.  We can discuss your needs and come up with a schedule that is customized for you.

We only use premium mulch to help retain moisture and provide a buffer to your soil from heat and cold.  Our charge includes removal of old mulch, and delivery and installation of the new mulch.



“Happiness is…the smell of freshly-cut grass.”